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06 March 2014

YCDT Dance Class


Thanks for all the parents that came out to our special class. The girls did a wonderful job!

10 Responses

  1. Hi sorry but wen is the next addition to be a youngsters on the ycdt superstarz I am really hoping to become a ycdt dancer I can dance I am flexible and trust and believe I will show u wat I can do and is about to become a dancers I will do anything I live here in Miami plz tell me

  2. Hi my name is terraiah and I want to join Miami cyst superstars team and I live in Florida but I am able to get to Miami I live in fort pierce

  3. Omg i really want to be on your team. I used to go to northwestern but i moved but ill do anything to join this team. I can dance really good and im flexible too. If you give me a chance i would prove to you. You wont be dissapointed