About Us

The Young Contemporary Dance Theatre was founded by Mrs. Traci Young-Byron in 2004.  YCDT is a diverse community based dance company which serves hundreds of children and adults in south Florida.  The Young Contemporary Dance Theatre provides performance opportunities, academic development and support, health seminars, master classes, out of state conferences/trips, professional photo sessions, make up tutorials and life coaching.

Mission Statement

The mission of this organization is to enlighten and expand societal views in all areas of dance.  Our duty is to increase the community’s exposure and appreciation for the performing and visual arts through affordable classes, workshops and performances.


The Young Contemporary Dance Theatre does not discriminate and is open to all ethnicities, races and genders.  The company is comprised primarily of African-American students from low-income families.  It consists of 140 dancers, both male and female.

Financial Responsibility

The fees associated with the Young Contemporary Dance Theatre are $125 per month with a $25 registration fee per season.  Fees are non-refundable.

Classes & Performances

Classes are offered 3 – 4 days a week, depending on the specified group.  All students are required to participate in at least three classes per week with their specified group.  Students are trained in the areas of Ballet. Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Caribbean, West African and Hip-Hop.  The company hosts two concerts per year which usually lasts approximately two hours in length.  The Young Contemporary Dance Theatre has participated in conferences and workshops in Orlando, Tallahassee, Los Angeles and Philadelphia just to name a few.  The dancers also provide free performances to the Miami community including retirement homes, transit seminars, Delta Sigma Theta award banquets, Zeta Phi Beta awards banquets and the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center.

YCDT Dance