Jackson, Mississippi Road Trip

Jackson, Mississippi Road Trip

On Saturday, April 26,2014 the YCDT SupaStarz took to the dance floor of Tougaloo College in Jackson, MS to battle the Dancing Dolls. This trip was an awesome experience for everyone involved. Special thanks to all of our parents, company members and our supporters.

5 thoughts on “Jackson, Mississippi Road Trip”

  1. I love it I think I was screaming the most in my apartment building the dancers bring so much life when they hit the floor if only you accept plus size girls I would try out to be dancing with them as well they all someday will either own a dance studio or teach a dance team good job ms.young you deserve every piece of credit

  2. lol i really love you guys ya’ll is a huge team the supa stars accomplish every battle and that’s why you all is the famous team and remember i’am a huge fan. my name is almetria hanks i’am from florida i just sending you this message because i will be going to georgia on a trip to see my grandmother for just support because she is in a condition with cancer and she also is a huge supa star fan

  3. I absolutely loved Bring It this season because of you guys! I hate that the Dolls had to take a hit at the beauty in blackness! Although, I am sure Ms Tracy did not let that bother her — Please know your fans think you are gorgeous! versitile! Creative! and naturally beautiful!! Please post on your site or let me know where I can come to see your competitions between now and the next season 🙂 In the meantime many blessings and proseperty to you an your teams 🙂

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